"While industry and technology have provided jobs and goods to make life easier, the effect on the environment has been substantial. We can help restore this precious earth with something as simple as turfgrass – the earth’s living skin."

- Doug Fender, TPI Executive Director 1983 – 2004


In 1955, The Lawn Institute was created as a not-for-profit corporation to assist and encourage through research and education the improvement of lawns and sports turf. Since then, the Institute has been one of the most respected authorities in the world among turf professionals and scientists for monitoring, reporting, and interpreting the latest advances in turfgrass research, landscape horticulture, and agronomic science. The Lawn Institute conducts its own research program which funds some of the world's highest regarded turf scientist to fill gaps in our knowledge.

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The Lawn Institute would like to thank the following Turfgrass Producers International members for their generous contribution and support of turfgrass research and education. Please see the chart below for information on our donor programs.

Forever Green
  • Hank & Mary Kerfoot (Modern Turf)

2018 Gold Benefactor

  • Sod Solutions - Tobey Wagner

2018 Green Partner

  • Heritage Turf, Inc. - Ronald Nixon
  • Trebro Manufacturing Inc. - Gregg Tvetene

2018 500 Club Members

  • A & W Southern Sod Farm - William Head
  • Bos Sod Farm - Peter Bos
  • Central Sod Farms of Maryland, Inc. - Tom Warpinski
  • Central Turf Farms, Inc. - Herman Wittig
  • Coombs Sod Farms, LLC - John Coombs
  • Coosa Valley Turf Farms - Thomas Wolf
  • Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply - Eric Heuver
  • Evergreen Turf, Inc. - Jeff Nettleton
  • Green Acres Turf Farm - Gary Youmans
  • Heartland Turf Farms - Tom Keeven
  • Louis DeLea & Son, Inc. - Rick DeLea
  • McPheeters Turf Inc. - William McPheeters
  • Northern Hills Sod Farm LLC - Roch Bestgen
  • Oakwood Sod Farm, Inc. - Gary Wilber
  • Oregon Turf & Tree Farms - Tom DeArmond
  • R.B. Farms LLC - Robbie Brady
  • Reid Sod Farm - Randall Reid
  • Sales Midwest, Inc. - Tim Wollesen
  • Sporting Valley Turf Farms - Matt Wimer
  • Thomas Turfgrass - Emory Thomas
  • Tri-Turf Sod Farms, Inc. - Jason Pooler
  • Tuckahoe Turf Farms - James Betts
  • Utterback Sod Farm - David Utterback
  • West Coast Turf - John Foster
  • Winstead Turf Farms, Inc. - Bobby Winstead


 Donor Programs


Coombs Sod Farms, LLC

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