Advanced Lawn Care


Overseeding is the practice of adding grass seed to an existing lawn. This may be done only in spots where bare areas show...[Read More]

Top Dressing

Topdressing is a sand or prepared soil mix applied to the surface of the lawn. The term topdressing also is used for the process of applying...[Read More]


Aeration is the process of creating openings in the lawn to help air, water and nutrients move into the soil to the grass roots, alleviate soil compaction and help reduce...[Read More]


Thatch is the dense, fibrous layer of living and dead grass shoots, stems, leaves and roots that accumulates between the green vegetation and the soil...[Read More]

Grass in the Shade

Growing grass in the shade is a major challenge for many homeowners because an estimated 20 to 25 percent of all grassy areas are shaded ...[Read More]

Let your Turfgrass Go Dormant

Many of today’s regionally adapted grasses can handle a period of drought or heat and if they are given proper care they can actually thrive when better conditions  . ...[Read More]

Turfgrass Varieties

Warm-season grass - fine to medium leaf texture, dark green, dense and low growing via rhizomes and stolons some varieties tolerate very low maintenance. ...[Read More]


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