Learn How to Care for Turfgrasses and Lawns

This section of The Lawn Institute website will help with the what, why, where and how of lawn care.

Find out what a lawn is. Learn a brief history of lawns. Appreciate why lawns are important.

Learn lawn & turfgrass facts and stats.

Determine how to go about selecting the right grasses for a lawn. Discover the difference between cool-season and warm-season grasses. Use your climatic zone to help make decisions. What is the transition zone? Look at the various qualities of individual turfgrasses.

Look at the different methods of establishing a lawn. Learn the relationships between soil and growing grass. Go through the steps of site preparation for a new lawn. Learn the procedures for turfgrass installation.

Obtain tips on lawn maintenance. Learn about fertility and lawns. See tips on post-installation care. Discover what to do about lawn pests; including weeds, insects, diseases, and animals. Learn the difference between cultural, biological and synthetic pest controls. What is IPM? What is BMP? Determine best watering practices. What is a PGR?

If you don’t find the answers to your lawn care questions contact us and we’ll get the answers for you.

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