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The Lawn Institute is your resource for a greener lawn. Explore! Dig deeper for answers to your turfgrass and lawn care questions.

Here are just a few of the topics to explore:

What is a lawn? Why is a lawn important? What are the benefits of properly maintained turfgrass? What is the difference between a lawn and turf?

How is a lawn good for the environment? What are the economic benefits of turf? Are there community or human health benefits? Are there ecosystem services connected to a healthy lawn?

How does grass grow? How important is the soil in growing turfgrasses? Can I amend the soil for better results?

How do I choose the right turfgrass for my lawn? What are the qualities of turfgrass that I should be aware of? What are the pros and cons of the different ways to establish a lawn? How long does it take to get a lawn established?

How much maintenance does a lawn require? How and when should grass be mowed? What is aeration, dethatching or topdressing? What fertilizer is needed for a lawn? How do I apply fertilizer to the lawn? What pests bother a lawn? How do I control weeds, insects, diseases or animals that bother my lawn? What are the best management practices (BMPs) of lawn care? How do I provide organic lawn care? Do I need to water my lawn? What is a PGR? What other care tips should I be aware of?

If you need turfgrass or lawn information that you don’t find on The Lawn Institute website contact us with your questions or comments and we’ll get the information for you.

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