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There is scientific background behind the information and recommendations you will see in The Lawn Institute’s website.

As the internationally recognized authority among turf professionals and scientists, we monitor, interpret and report on the latest advances in turfgrass research, landscape horticulture, and agronomic science.

Check out the list of research grants funded by The Lawn Institute.

Explore other research that will help you as you study the science behind the care of turfgrass and lawns.

To provide a continued new flow of scientific research, The Lawn Institute funds scholarships as well as research grants. When possible we also help facilitate scholarships and grants from other groups.

There are many great colleges and universities around the country that continue to conduct research on improving turfgrasses and their care and maintenance.

Many states have extension specialists that help disseminate information for their particular areas.

If you need further scientific information that you don’t find on The Lawn Institute site contact us with your questions or comments and we’ll get the information to you.

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