Research Grants

The Lawn Institute Research Committee invites you to submit a request for research funding.

Grant funding is available beginning June 2018 for studies that impact turfgrass farmers, distributors, and consumers.  Of particular interest is research in the following areas:

  • Cultural Impact of Turfgrass
  • Extending Harvested Turf "Shelf Life"
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Production Cost
  • Compilations and Summaries of Existing Research on:
    • Nutrients and Pesticides 
    • The Role of Turfgrass in Protecting the Environment
    • Benefits of Turfgrass 

Please click on the links below to download all the materials you will need to submit your grant application.  Your proposal must be submitted on the form we have provided below, an electronic version or an exact duplicate. Grant awards will vary depending on the adjudged value of the project to the needs of the turfgrass sod production industry. Typical awards range from $5,000 - $10,000. However, all proposals will be considered regardless of the grant amount requested. For additional information, refer to the “Requirements of Principal Investigator/Institution” document.

Although space has been limited to encourage concise grant applications, additional information may be requested at a later date. It is important that you complete all areas in the application. Research topics that will be given the highest priority are included as “Research Prioritized Objectives”.

In preparing the application, be sure that all pertinent information is typed (no smaller than 10-point type) in English. Completed applications must be received (not postmarked) at The Lawn Institute address (via mail, fax or email) by December 4, 2020.

The Lawn Institute
444 E. Roosevelt Rd., #346
Lombard, IL  60148 USA
Phone:  800/405-8873 Fax:  847/649-5678

Recommendations on grant awards will be made by The Lawn Institute Research Committee to The Lawn Institute Board of Trustees for final approval. Grant awards will be announced no later than May 2018. When writing your proposal, remember that the selection committee is made up of industry representatives from around the world as well as research scientists. It is important that you clearly define the problem that your research addresses, the scope of the problem, and how your research addresses it as well as how your research will impact turfgrass producers. The Lawn Institute reserves the right to negotiate proprietary rights for projects on a per-grant basis including copyrights, source codes, and/or patents.

Click here to download and print your application package:
Application, Requirements of Principal Investigator/Institution, Research Prioritized Objectives

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