The Lawn Institute Scholarship Program

The Dr. Henry W. Indyk Scholarship was established to honor a founding father of Turfgrass Producers International while demonstrating TPI’s commitment to education and offering a valuable member benefit. Up to $10,000 in scholarship funding is made available annually by TPI through the Dr. Henry W. Indyk Scholarship.

Since it’s inception in 2006, TPI has awarded over a dozen scholarships to assist TPI families in paying for higher education. Any current TPI Class A Turfgrass Sod Producer or Class B Supplier/Manufacturer member in good standing is eligible to apply. Furthermore, the immediate family of a Class A or Class B member or an employee, or the employee’s child is eligible to apply. Scholarship applicants can major in any given field but must plan on attending or be attending an accredited educational facility as a full-time student to be eligible.

Download the 2014 Dr. Henry W. Indyk Scholarship application today!

2013 Cameron Blair
Grant Youmans
Green Velvet Sod Farms, Bellbrook, OH
Green Acres Turf Farm, Furman, SC
2012 Chase Cochran
William Warpinski
Turf Merchants, Inc., Tangent, OR
Central Sod Farms, Inc., Centreville, MD
2011 Trevor Smith
Christopher Utterback
Southwest Sod Inc., Maricopa, AZ
Utterback Sod Farm, Sacramento, CA
2010 Michael Anderson
Sarah Wilber
K'ntucky Turf, Othello, WA
Oakwood Sod, Delmar, MD
2009 Amanda Bush
Kelsey Lain
Bush Sports Turf, Milan, IL
Pine Island Turf Nursery, Pine Island, NY
2008 Kevin Coombs Coombs Sod Farms, LLC, Elmer, NJ
2007 Jacklyn Thorson
Nathan Bush
Michael Anderson
Todd Valley Farms, Inc., Mead, NE
Bush Sports Turf, Milan, IL
K’ntucky Turf, Othello, WA
2006 James McCurdy
Mindy Brandt
McCurdy Farms, Dyer, TN
American Sod Corp., Palatine, IL

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