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Did you know that residential lawns positively contribute to urban and suburban ecosystems?


A 5,000 square foot lawn produces enough oxygen daily for 18-34 people


A 2,500 square foot lawn can harvest over 1,000 gallons of rainwater before runoff occurs


Lawns support thriving communities of soil arthropods and microorganisms that are vital to soil health and sustainability

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Picnics, star gazing and walking barefoot in the grass. Throughout many of life’s moments, lawns have been in the backdrop almost unnoticed, yet an essential element to each instance. They produce fresh oxygen for the air we breathe and cool the environment around our homes and urban centers. They provide a vital habitat for insects, plants and the birds that feed on them, as well as protection from soil erosion and filtering of urban pollutants. Beyond the environmental benefits, lawns offer a safe place for our kids to play and entire families to enjoy, offering a source of pride and value for homeowners.

The Lawn Institute wants to be a part of your journey by providing scientific, fact-based information on the value and management of lawns while at the same time funding academic research to advance the industry. Let’s leverage these delightful moments with the many environmental benefits that lawns contribute to urban and suburban environments worldwide.

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The Lawn Institute funds research at universities worldwide to better understand the many benefits of natural grass.


The Lawn Institute’s core mission is to encourage the improvement of lawns through research and education.


The Lawn Institute is a trusted, reliable resource for the latest scientific research on the many benefits of grass lawns.

Environmental Benefits

Want to learn more about the many environmental benefits of natural grass lawns? From oxygen production to cooling potential there are plenty of benefits to read about in our Environmental Benefits section.

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