Monthly Donation

Show your support all year long by making a monthly gift to TPI. Monthly donations will be charged to your credit card every month and they qualify you for TLI’s 500 Club. Donate $500 or more in a single calendar year and be recognized as a 500 Club member. In addition to knowing that you support turfgrass research and education, 500 Club members receive a recognition pin and special acknowledgment at TPI meetings, in TPI publications and on TPI and TLI websites.

In Honor Of

A donation to The Lawn Institute in honor of a friend or loved one who is a longtime supporter of the turfgrass industry is a lovely gift and a way to let that person know you are thinking of them. It is a perfect way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or simply say “thank you”. If you choose to make a donation in somebody's honor, TLI will send a letter to the honoree, advising them of your generous gift, unless you indicated that the gift is anonymous.

In Memory Of

The Lawn Institute Memorial Fund was established to honor the memory of all TPI members in whose name donations have been made. A donation of any amount can be made to initially establish an individual as a Memorial Fund recipient. After donations in an individual’s memorial fund accumulate to $1,000 or more, that individual’s name is added to the list of honorees.

The following individuals have been honored by family, friends and loved ones. If you would like your TLI contribution to be allocated to the memory of any of the individuals listed below please contact TPI at 847-649-5555, let us know, and your donation will be allocated and applied to that individual’s Memorial Fund.

  • Richard Schiedel
  • Harley Johnson
  • Anne Zander

You may opt to make a donation as a tribute to the memory of somebody who has passed. Please complete the information below and TLI staff will send a letter to whomever you designate, advising them of your generous gift, unless you indicate that the gift is anonymous.

Monthly Gift

Monthly Donation FAQ’s

Can I make changes to my account (i.e. change the amount, change my credit card number, or cancel)?
Yes, make changes by calling TLI at +847-649-5555 or email

Will I receive verification of my donations for tax purposes?
Donors will receive an annual statement mailed in January of each year. Please contact us at +847-649-5555 or email if you have any questions about the tax acknowledgement letter.

What do I receive with my donation?
When you donate, you join the Monthly Giving Program. After your donations have totaled $500 in a single calendar year, you will receive a 500 Club pin, acknowledgement as a 500 Club member on TPI and TLI websites, recognition at TPI events and in TPI publications.

How will my donation be used?
Your monthly donation will support education and research on topics such as the environmental impact of using turfgrass compared to other groundcovers, new techniques and tools for growing and harvesting turfgrass, the social impact of using turfgrass compared to other groundcovers, and how turfgrass compares with artificial turf for playing fields. With your consistent support we are able to plan the future direction of turfgrass research, education and public outreach.

How can I stop my monthly donations?
You can cancel your monthly gifts – or adjust your month amount – at any time. Please contact us at +847-649-5555 or email to adjust or cancel your monthly gift.