Lawn Establishment

Lawn Measurement

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How to Read a Turfgrass Seed Analysis Label

use this lot number to track details about the origin of the seed(s). The seed variety or varieties of the turfgrass species: Here, Some name is the variety of one specie (Kentucky Bluegrass) and Other name is the variety of another specie (Perennial Ryegrass)...[Read More]

Sample Turfgrass Seed Analysis Label

Sample Turfgrass Seed Analysis Label...[Read More]

Turfgrass Ordering (sod, sprigs, plugs and seed)

The first step needed is lawn measurement. This is best handled as a two-person process. All it takes is a tape measure, paper and pencil...[Read More]

Post Installation Lawn Care

With lawns started from seed, it’s best to keep all traffic, other than maintenance, off the young turfgrass for the first 2 to 4 months, until the lawn area has filled-in fully....[Read More]

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